About Us

Seeds Not Beads is a business based on an ever evolving vision. The idea for this business began unofficially nine years ago based on the fashion designs of Lizeth Castaneda. It is now the passion of Rob and Lizeth Buffington.

Lizeth Castaneda had studied fashion design for only three semesters when she was asked to collaborate on a complete collection by a famous Colombian designer, Giovanni Lopez. Her artistic designs were acclaimed by the national media and, by the time she finished her education, she had an established clientele for her designs. During this time period, Lizeth developed an allergy to synthetic fabric and materials. Rather than abandoning her field, she shifted her focus to the design of clothing and accessories which are as natural and chemical-free as possible. Her designs have evolved into more natural and innovative creations. With national success in Colombia, Lizeth set her sights on international markets and undertook several information gathering trips to the United States. After returning to Colombia, she continued her designs while investigating opportunities in the U.S. marketplace.

Rob Buffington is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a BBA in business. After several years in successful business-to-business sales, Rob took a sabbatical as a missionary with a nonprofit foundation in South America (http://www.elpactomissions.org/). During his stay in Colombia, Rob spent his time working with the people of South America, and also developing his leadership skills. While working with his translator (who is now his wife Lizeth), they began to have discussions about mutual dreams of a company whose purpose is to support underprivileged people. Upon returning to the United States, Rob began organizing the company that represents the talents of Lizeth as well as their shared vision for the business.

The company is currently pursuing new markets through artistic fairs and fashion shows by focusing on customer service, and ongoing innovations. The success and uniqueness of our product causes SEEDS NOT BEADS to develop a loyal following. Our supportive customers consistently search out our existing and new products. We hope to increase our loyal customer base by bringing tremendous creativity to every show we attend.